Disabled Children School Update

Here is the latest update from the weekly special needs class in Lebanon. It was accompanied by the following observations regarding the children who attend:

I want to tell you that we have noticed that the children are much happier and better integrated since they began to visit the school. They have learned so many things! One of the parents told us that he noticed that his sons concentration has improved a lot after he started coming to the class. Also Zaha’s parents said that she is super happy. Abeer’s mother said that her daughter is writing all the week and practicing the lessons since we taught them many things.”

We have only been able to achieve this through your generosity and support. If you would like to make a financial donation towards this project, please feel free to use the link pay.rrym.uk where you will find a range of payment options, or contact us directly for details of our charities bank account. Thank you so much once again for your continued  interest, please enjoy the video.

Disabled Children at School

Here is the latest update from our friend Nour in Lebanon. The special needs children are hard at work as you will see from the video: Watch Video

he past week has been a particularly difficult and desperately sad one for the majority of Syrians. Our young friends are no exception. You will see them in the video as they hold up cards bearing messages of support as well as words of sympathy for Syrian children who have been caught up in the tragedy of last week’s earthquake.

If you would please consider making a donation so that these children can continue to attend their weekly class feel free to use the link pay.rrym.uk or contact us for details of our charity’s bank account. Thanks as ever for your interest and continued support.

School for Disabled Children Update

Just nine days ago we posted an appeal to secure sufficient funding to enable ten Syrian children with various disabilities to attend school for one day a week in order to receive a basic education. Thanks to very generous donations from  Henna, Lucy, Carys, Max, Simone, Catherine, Hans, Eveline, Steve, Betty and Shaz, we have been able to send payment for the first three months over to our friend Nour in Lebanon.

Yesterday marked the children’s first day at school. In Nour’s own words: “the children are so so so happy!” Nour has compiled a video containing the main highlights of the day.
Watch Video
Please enjoy the video, and if you would like to support us in making this a long-term project, please feel free to use link: pay.rrym.uk where you will find various payment options.
Once again thanks so much for your donations and your trust. Rest assured we couldn’t do any of this without your generosity.

School placements for disabled children

School placements for disabled children

Thanks to some very generous donations we have recently secured weekly school placements for ten disabled children who attended the party that Nour, Safa and their friends organised in Arsal, Lebanon. The money will enable these youngsters to attend school for one day a week. They will be provided with transport to and from the camps where they live, and their time at school will consist of receiving a basic education an an opportunity to make new friends. The children are aged between six and thirteen years. Their disabilities include: cognitive impairment, speech impairment, autism, Hypoxia and Turner syndrome.

These are three of the children that Nour and Safa met today.

Ahmad is thirteen years old. He is the young man who asked his father if he could  come regularly to the centre after attending the party last month. Ahmad has hypoxia and he is completely paralysed as a result.

Abeer is six years old. She has Turner syndrome . She experiences difficulty speaking,  suffers from poor growth and heart problems and has an opening above her  mouth.

Zaha is thirteen years old. She has cognitive retardation. She  also has only one kidney.

With your help  we now hope to start raising donations to cover a basic education for a further  six months for these wonderfully resilient youngsters.  

If anyone can help by making a donation we would be so very grateful. no amount is too small. Please use pay.rrym.uk and please write clearly disabled children as part of your message.

Disabled children

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support.

Syrian orphans winter clothing

Syrian orphans winter clothing

Hi Everyone,  here’s an update on our winter clothing appeal for the Syrian orphans living in Arsal, Lebanon.

Thanks to the generosity of Betty, Gwynfor, Penny, Barry, Henna, shaz and Max,  We have now secured the sum of £375. This currently equates to approximately $419 which will be enough to purchase a winter jacket, hat, scarf , gloves, blanket and small toy for fourteen out of the thirty-four children that we are hoping to cover. It has always been our intention to treat every child equally, so if anyone else could please consider  making a donation to help make this possible, we would be extremely  grateful. Please feel free to use our Donate link where you will find various payment options, or details of our charity bank account. We would also really appreciate it if you could please share this post.

STOP PRESS!!! Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

We now have gift cards supporting this appeal available to purchase, thanks to our good friend Laura Buckingham. The value on the cards increases in increments of £5, starting at £5 and increasing to £25. If you would like to purchase one or more of our cards as a unique gift for a friend, please private message Laura or Heulwen with details of your address. Many thanks!

Syrian orphans Lebanon project

Syrian orphans Lebanon project

During the past couple of weeks a very special school has been opened in Arsal, Lebanon. This small school is dedicated to offering an education to 34 Syrian orphans aged between seven years and 14 years. Most of the children are illiterate having never had the opportunity to attend school. Thanks to six volunteers – three teachers, two admin staff and a cleaner, who are themselves displaced, The children will be taught Arabic, English, mathematics and computer studies. Currently the children attend the school for two days a week. During their stay they are also offered a chance to bathe and provided with a hot meal.

Winter jacket $14

Gloves $1

Hat and scarf $3

Blanket $10

Small toy or game $4.

All these items will be purchased in Lebanon, but as ever we can only achieve this mission together with your help. If you would please consider supporting this project by making a financial donation, we would be beyond grateful. Each pack will cost in the region of £25. We will of course be delighted with anything you feel able to donate. Please feel free to use the link pay.rrym.uk or contact me for details of the charities bank account.

To give you an idea of the children we are trying to help, I include an excerpt written by one of the teachers at the school: One of the 8-year-old boys told us his sad story about his miserable childhood in the camps of Arsal. Ali lost his father In the Syrian war. his mother remarried, leaving him and his little brother to live in their uncles house. There they were regularly beaten and abused by their uncle and his wife. One day he and his little brother decided to escape from the tent after their uncle promised to punish them when he and his wife returned from their outing. The boys fled to a nearby mountain in the village where they spent a terrifying night of fear hiding under a rock in the open air. I will never forget the sadness of betrayal and deprivation in the eyes of that child as he told us his story. I felt  as though he was a man in his forties, not an innocent little child of  only eight years.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this post. Let’s hope that together we can make things a little more bearable for Ali and other children who are in desperate need of support.

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