Refugee Relief Ynys Môn

Registered Charity Number 1184413

RRYM Introduction

We provide relief for the victims of war or political persecution who are forced to leave their homes with limited resources.
We also support refugees being settled in the UK and local homeless families in need of help.
We collect, sort and pack donations from North Wales. Everything from tents and sleeping bags to clothes food and medical aid which we ship to the camps and squats in Greece, Turkey, Syria and elsewhere.

Get involved

Would you like to get involved with helping refugees?
Perhaps you would like to help us to sort and pack donations for shipping, clean and mend donated items, knit baby clothes, drive a van to deliver our collections to the shipping container, or raise much needed funds?

Maybe you have a useful suggestion for running a fundraising/awareness event in your area? We’d love to hear from you.

We welcome help from anyone, no matter how little you can do, it all helps.
Support from local businesses is also incredibly valuable.
We would love to discuss any offers of financial or in kind help. Perhaps your business could make a cash donation, donate useful items or offer us wholesale prices, or donate prizes for raffles and online auctions.

Our online shop

All proceeds from this online shop go to our charity Refugee Relief Ynys Môn.

It is only with your help and support, and through contact and collaboration with other groups that we come to understand what is happening in the world and where we can provide the most timely and effective help.

Urgent, Please support Ahmad if you can

e received a very sad message from Nour in Lebanon last night. Below is a post containing the details about this incredibly brave man who is in desperate need of support. Our aim is to try to raise as much as we can to help him finish building his tent, and to pay for...

Uganda Community Library Project

Please will you consider sponsoring me in my attempt to walk 167 miles for the following project? 167 miles is the distance from Kampala to Kiamgwali camp, so it seemed a good number to choose. With just eight days to go before the arrival of May, this is your last...

People We Support

The people we support This document covers the period from 6 March 2019 to 5 March 2020. Occasionally we are able to supply aid directly to displaced people, either in the UK or in refugee camps, who have been referred to us by a trusted volunteer or group. However as...

Lebanon Project by Syrian Nour

Hello Everyone, hope you are doing well. Today I have got wonderful news from Arsal, Lebanon. Two weeks ago and with amazing  support from Refugee Relief Ynys Mon, we started our   potato project, through which we will be able to feed about 300...

Smartphones and Mobile phones

We're always on the lookout for mobile phones in good working order. To lose your phone is to feel lost, disconnected and without information. For those hundreds of thousands fleeing war, a smartphone can be a life line. It's a basic tool that means they can make a...

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Our Latest Products

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Donate to Refugee Relief Ynys Môn

We keep in regular contact with volunteers working on the ground, which gives us an insight into exactly what is needed and where. We also work alongside other groups from Cheshire and North Wales. We need to raise funds to pay for the shipment of items to wherever the greatest need happens to be.   Please make a donation to our charity so that we can continue with this valuable work.

You can click DONATE MONEY to make a one-off donation through
Please consider making a regular donation by Standing Order to Refugee Relief Ynys Mon
NatWest Account number: 71053743, Sort code: 51-61-14