Here is the latest update on the special needs class in Lebanon provided by our dear friend Nour. If you wish to boost funds by donating to this very worthwhile project, for PayPal or Card Donations please visit

Or for bank transfer it’s NatWest Bank, account name Refugee Relief Ynys Mon, Account: 71053743, Sort code: 51-61-14. Thank you and over to Nour.

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We are delighted to share the progress and activities of our special needs class for this  month. Your generous support has enabled us to create a nurturing and impactful learning environment for 10 refugee children who live in Lebanon. Teaching pronunciation has been a key focus, and we are thrilled to report significant advancements. The children are becoming more confident in their speech, with noticeable improvements in their ability to articulate words. This progress has enhanced their communication skills and boosted their self-esteem, providing them with a stronger foundation for future learning. This month, we introduced a variety of concentration materials designed to improve focus and cognitive abilities. These materials include puzzles, memory games and activities requiring sustained attention. The children have shown increased engagement and improved concentration, which are crucial for their overall development. In addition to cognitive development, we have placed a strong emphasis on physical activities to empower the children’s muscles and promote physical well-being. Activities such  as stretching exercise and outdoor games have been integrated into our daily routine. These activities not only enhance physical strength but also contribute towards mental and emotional health. The impact of our program extends beyond educational and physical development. For many of these children, coming to the centre is the highlight of their day. It provides them with a safe space where they can play, relax, learn and socialise, far from the stresses and the small spaces in which they live.

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