For those of you who were generous enough to support our efforts to set up the library and tailoring projects in Kiangwali refugee camp in Uganda, here is the latest update from Gideon, our man on the ground.

We are eternally grateful to Refugee Relief Ynys Môn for helping us to pay the 3 CBO  employees’ wages for 4 months (July- October). However, we still appeal to each and every one of you to kindly help us achieve the goal of getting the CBO-run projects connected to the  mains electricity supply as soon as possible.  As afore-mentioned, the solar power supply system that was purchased with the help of Refugee Relief Ynys Môn has been of immense help, but this will not continue to be the case should we succeed in acquiring electronic appliances/gadgets such as a printer, a  photocopier, a desktop computer, and a flat iron. Connection to the mains electricity supply will cost UGX 2,000,000 or £425.

If I may also include the prices of the machinery just in case a good Samaritan somewhere chooses to donate for the purpose of purchasing them, a printer costs Ugx 700,000  or £150. A photocopier costs Ugx 1,000,000 or £215. A desktop computer costs  UGX £500,000 or £110. A flat iron costs Ugx 100,000 or £22. Finally,  but most importantly, we need to secure a total of   UGX  800,000 or  ££170 Each month to pay the wages of the librarian, the tailor and the night watchman. all three individuals are vital to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Your kindness and generosity will go a long way in ensuring that the projects run smoothly. Thank you very much.

If you would like to contribute to this very worthwhile course, please feel free to use the link where you will find a multitude of payment options, or contact us for our charities bank account details. Thank you!

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