As we continue to make our last minute preparations for Christmas, can we please spare a thought for a very dedicated mum and her two brave sons who are struggling for survival in the camps of Lebanon? Their situation is such a sad one. I’d like to think that at the time of year when the giving and receiving of gifts features so highly on our agenda, we could help  this family by making it possible for these boys to receive the tests and  medication they so  desperately need. If you would please consider donating to this emergency appeal, we as a charity would be beyond grateful. Please feel free to use the link pay.rrym or contact us for details.
Thank you. Here is their story.

Sharief, a 12-year-old weighing only 9 kilograms, and Deeb, a 4-year-old at 7 kilograms, are two Syrian refugee boys facing significant health challenges. Both boys grapple with brain paralysis, delayed sensory and motor development, and malnutrition. Raised by a single mother, they require specialized food and medication for their well-being. Unfortunately, the harsh circumstances experienced by Syrian refugees in Lebanon hinder their mother’s ability to meet these essential needs. During my visit, I observed Sharif’s noticeable weight loss, attributed to the unavailability of their prescribed diet and fruits. Through the assistance and support provided by Henna, we were able to supply them with diapers,Milk, oats, fruits, and medication for one month. We earnestly seek additional support to continue aiding these vulnerable children. Your contribution will make a meaningful difference in improving their quality of life.

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