On 16 December, our charity posted an appeal to raise funds so that Nour and her friends could organise a special party for 20 disabled youngsters living in the camps of Arsal, Lebanon. We reached our target in record time thanks to the generosity of Catherine, Carys,  Laura and Betty, and the money was duly sent to Nour. She and her friends wasted no time in putting their plan into action! The party was held on Wednesday, 28 December and thoroughly enjoyed by one and all as you will see from the video. Nour tells me that one little boy is already quizzing his parents regarding when the next party might be!:
Lebanon Disabled Party

It is our fervent hope to continue to support as many of these children as possible over the next few months, but we will need your support to be able to do this properly. If you would like to donate please use the pay.rrym.uk or contact me for details of our charity’s bank account. In the words of the video nothing  is impossible where hope still exists. Will you please join us in our efforts to prove to these children that indeed it does?

Amongst the most vulnerable group of refugees living in the Arsal camps are those facing permanent disability. They are neglected and not provided with the proper care and resources that most disabled people would consider essential. Some suffered life changing injuries that resulted in them becoming long—term disabled whilst trying to escape the horrors of war. Others were born with some form of disability.

After witnessing their suffering under the harsh winter conditions of the Arsal camps, my friends and I decided to organise a party for 15-20 disabled youngsters, where we can provide them with a good nutritious meal and dessert, something they can’t get in their daily lives. Not only that, but we are also planning to design and teach them some simple exercises which they can use to reduce their anxiety or depression, thereby promoteing their general feelings of well-being. During the party they will have the opportunity to meet with others who face the same or a similar condition. Hopefully this will help to build their confidence and make them feel less isolated. It should also help them to foster new relationships. Our goal is to empower this weak category of refugees to the very best of our ability.

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