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Refugee Relief Ynys Môn

Please consider making a regular donation by Standing Order to Refugee Relief Ynys Mon NatWest Account number: 71053743, Sort code: 51-61-14
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn18 hours ago
Some of the donations that have been here since lockdown ready to be delivered to Refugee Relief Ynys Mon when things ease, to replenish Heulwen's mountain that's fast disappearing!
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn2 days ago
Sharing this piece from our good friends at Choose Love. It is beyond relevant to the times in which we find ourselves. With the governments of this world turning their backs and deliberately choosing to look away, it is more important than ever that we be the voice of the abused and the oppressed. Thank you for allowing us to continue with our work in shipping boxes of Aid to where they are most needed. We’ve been able to sort and pack virtually the whole of donation mountain, despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, thanks to your generosity and to the hard work of our courier companies UPS and Parcelforce International. A huge heads up to those of you who have been collecting or purchasing items for us during this time. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are once again able to accept them from you. Meanwhile keep well and stay safe! And please continue to speak out for our brothers and sisters. Remember folks, but for circumstance of birth it could be us! Heulwen
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn5 days ago
Shamelessly stolen from my very dear friend Karen Graham. I would encourage anyone who is in any doubt regarding the awful conditions in the camps to watch this program. These are the people we are trying to support by collecting, sorting and shipping out donations. Thanks 1,000,000 to those of you who have made it possible for us to continue with our work despite the lockdown. You have provided us with such a wonderful backlog of donations that we have been able to continue shipping boxes out to those we support at a rate of two or three a week. Not bad for such a small charity!
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn2 weeks ago
Hi Everyone, who is going to step up to the plate with our latest mission I wonder? A couple of days ago I received a message from our good friend Elena Lydon who has spent the past few months helping in the clinic on the island of Lesvos. Here is the message:
Hello how are you doing .hope all is well and that you are keeping safe ..thankfully the restrictions in lesvos are been lifted and life is going back to normal...
I wanted to ask you if it would be possible for your charity to send some much needed items to me ..i will pay for them but its just that I’m unable to obtain them here in lesvos..they are basic things like you sent me before..I’ve been working in a new emergency unit for the unaccompanied minors in the camp for the last 3 months and hope to stay another year to get it up and running as its a very much needed service..i am trying to offer healthcare, emotional support, hygiene care, sexual healthcare and nutrition support..
There are 1300 unaccompanied minors in the camp..the new clinic sees about 50 to 60 minors a day and we are hoping to extend our opening hours ..
If you can help me it would be great ..let me know and we could talk about it ..
Take care, Elena
well, she didn’t need to ask twice of course! We’ve been helping Elena by providing the clinic with medical supplies for the past few months, and it has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be able to support her and her colleagues in their valuable work. I’m fully aware how difficult things are with the lockdown still being in place here in Wales, but if any of you have any ideas regarding where The following items could be sourced for a reasonable price we’d love to hear from you. Alternately, if you could add some of these items to your shopping that would be equally great! As Elena says, supermarket brands or the brands that can be obtained from the likes of Poundstretchers are just as good and much cheaper than generic brands. Please help us make life more comfortable for these youngsters. But for circumstance of birth they could be our kids! Here is the list of priority items:

Bonjela teething gel.
Clove oil
deep heat cream rub
Zinc cream .... aldi or lidl do it very cheap
Aqueous cream in tubs or any base cream.
Diflam throat spray
Heat spray ...all in the pound shop
Cold spray .
Savlon cream or any antiseptic cream for wounds
Vicks chest rub..but pound shop has it for a pound for there own brand .
Lip balm
Facewash ..teenage boys are full of acne .
None of the stuff has to be brands as if you get shops own brand its just as good.
If you can do any of this stuff i would be greatful
I am so thankful to you all for your help.. Elena X
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn2 weeks ago
If you have been kind enough to donate to UNHCR and other larger charities or organisations in the past, please read this and reconsider your options. It’s an absolute disgrace! People like this have no shame. They are constantly requesting donations but nobody seems to know what they do for their big fat wages. We support Khora free shop in Athens by sending them boxes of clothes/shoes/sanitary products. We can vouch for the fact that they do an excellent job! And all this while larger organisations continue to rake in the millions of euros and send people to these small organisations for assistance.
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn2 weeks ago
Earlier today we received the following message from our friend Georgia who works so hard to try to support those in desperate need on the Greek island of Samos. I am delighted to be able to report courtesy of her message and pictures that all your wonderful donations have reached their final destination. There is another box on the way, 30 kg of mainly children’s summer clothes, and some bibles for the church as requested. We have also included some small cuddly toys for the children. at the time of writing it has reached Athens and is waiting to be transported on the ferry to Samos. Although we are still unable to accept donations due to the lockdown, can I please ask for anybody wishing to help to collect children’s summer clothes and bars of soap for this project? There is a dire need for both items. Paracetamol is also a much needed commodity, supermarket brands are fine and much cheaper for anybody wishing to purchase. We’d be delighted to take these off your hands once comparative normality returns, and having the items readily available would give us a head start. Meanwhile over to Georgia.
Yesterday we distributed infant , children and some adult clothes which were sent to us through your organisation. I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved in collecting and donating the items. On this end of Europe all your efforts are much appreciated by families who have been left with only the clothes they are wearing due to a fire that broke out a week ago. We noticed that there were a lot of children and we barely had enough items dispite having sorted and seperated the products nicely. Please know that everyone's efforts are much appreciated and accepted with gratitude. Thank you once again.
God bless.

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