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Refugee Relief Ynys Môn

Please consider making a regular donation by Standing Order to Refugee Relief Ynys Mon NatWest Account number: 71053743, Sort code: 51-61-14
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn15 hours ago
A very good article posted by our friends at Aegean boat report. How can we sit back and let this happen? how can the EU commission sleep at night?? don’t they have even the smallest trace of a conscience?
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn4 days ago
Hi folks, next Saturday I’ll be celebrating my 60th birthday. I find this pretty difficult to comprehend to be honest, as I’m still only 25 in my head! 😄 As part of my birthday celebrations, I’ve organised a fundraiser on behalf of our charity, Refugee Relief Ynys Mon, [reg no. 1184413.] Rather than simply requesting donations, I thought I’d also set myself a little challenge.
Since moving to Llandudno back in March, it has been my ambition to climb our local mountain, the great Orme. At the time of moving it was Mission Impossible as I was still undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It’s taken me some months to recover, but I’m finally back on track. So…if you would please consider sponsoring me to don my walking boots and do battle with the Great Orme, I would be extremely grateful. My original plan was to get the job done as close to my birthday weekend as possible. However my guide dog Quella is booked in for surgery next week, following which she will need plemty of cuddles and TLC. So, it is now my plan to complete the mission towards the end of November.
All donations will be divided between our winter project to purchase much needed food baskets for refugee families trapped in the mountainous regions of Lebanon, and raising funds to help establish Peace kindergarten on the Turkish border.
If you would care to help me celebrate my birthday by making a donation I would be extremely grateful and very happy! 😁 You can contribute by using the link pay.rrym.uk or by making a bank transfer to our charity bank account.
Name: Refugee Relief Ynys Mon
Sort code: 51-61 -14
Account number: 71053743
Heartfelt thanks in advance to any of you who are happy to contribute. Rest assured any money donated will help to make a significant difference to the lives of those who, due to circumstance of birth, need a little additional support.
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn2 weeks ago
I’m sharing this post with the permission of the author, Sarah Griffith of the charity Bridge2. It was a pleasure for us at RRYM to be able to donate the sum of £100 towards the fabulous and much-needed work that Bridge2 continue to carry out in Haiti following the devastating earthquake. There will be more information to follow in due course. Heulwen
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn3 weeks ago
Here is a timely reminder from our good friends Karen and Charlie Graham from the Greek island of Tilos. It has been a pleasure for us at RRYM to be able to support their annual projects over the past few years. Since we are no longer able to send boxes of aid, our intention is to make a financial donation towards this year‘s Christmas appeal. If you would like to bring some much needed happiness to a refugee child on Christmas morning, please follow Karens link below and act accordingly. We currently have £20 in the kitty. Can we improve on this? Many thanks as ever! Heulwen

Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn4 weeks ago
Yesterday we received the following message from a very dear friend on the Turkish border, who, despite the terrible circumstances in which he finds himself, always does his very best to try to improve the lot of his fellow countrymen. His current project involves setting up from scratch a kindergarten which will be known as Peace kindergarten. RRYM would dearly love to help him in his efforts to establish this wonderful project. With this in mind we would be extremely grateful if you would please consider donating what you can to our charity so that we may pass the money on to him by the end of October. For anyone wishing to donate, can I please ask that you write Peace Kindergarten in the notes section for clarification. Many thanks in anticipation for your help. He writes as follows:

Hello my friends . I have been absent from humanitarian work for a while due to my difficult circumstances. Today I will return to this work, and the first thing I will do is to open a kindergarten for orphans and the poor. Many orphans and the poor cannot enter a kindergarten to learn because of the high prices. Each student has to pay $20 each month, which is a large amount for these families. From today we will start making preparations to provide a free kindergarten for all children to continue their lives normally. This will compensate them a little for the bitterness of the life they are forced to live.
I do not think it will be easy or fast but over time we will succeed. I hope everyone will feel able to donate so that together we can make this work to make a huge and positive difference to the lives of these innocent children.
The kindergarten will consist of two classes, and will accommodate up to 60 children altogether. We will have a page for the kindergarten and we will publish lessons on it on a daily basis. Please help them so that we can get them out of their current misery.
Please donate what you can to pay.rrym.uk
Thank you my friends. love you all!
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn
Refugee Relief Ynys Môn4 weeks ago
This is a fundraiser that has been set up by my good friend and fellow humanitarian Sarah. The family that she is trying her best to support desperately need help. She would be so grateful for any donations if anybody feels able to donate to her fundraiser.

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