e received a very sad message from Nour in Lebanon last night. Below is a post containing the details about this incredibly brave man who is in desperate need of support. Our aim is to try to raise as much as we can to help him finish building his tent, and to pay for the medication he needs for his multiple long-term injuries. If you would please consider helping him feel free to use the link pay.rrym.uk, and if you would be kind enough to write Ahmad in the comments section that would be fabulous!

Update on Ahmad:
I’m delighted to be able to report that following our urgent request for help, donations have started to come in for Ahmad in Lebanon. Very special thanks go out to Jess, Betty, Henna, Catherine, Evelyn and John. Your generosity has enabled us to provide Ahmad with a month’s supply of medication to treat his wounds, a food basket with supplies that will last the family for one month, and enough money to purchase sufficient wood and plastic sheeting to finish building their tent. We are still hoping to raise enough money to purchase a battery for his wheelchair and a commode. We will leave this appeal open for another couple of days in case anyone else wishes to donate by using the link pay.rrym.uk. It never ceases to amaze me regarding what can be achieved when people pull together!
One of the photographs in particular is rather graphic, but we thought it important for you to see Ahmad’s situation. Anyway, over to our friend Nour.

Ahmad was born in Syria in 1972. 26 years ago he fell off a high building when he was working in Lebanon. His back was broken into two parts and the spinal cord was damaged causing him paralysis. Ahmad received his treatment in Lebanon then returned to his home in Syria to continue his life in a wheelchair.

In 2013, He came with his mother and sister to Arsal to escape from the war in Syria. When they arrived in Arsal, he was given a small plot of land by a kind Lebanese gentleman. he spent his remaining money in building  a small two-roomed house for himself and his family. Two months ago his landlord passed away and things took a turn for the worse. Ahmad and his family were evicted from their home by the sons of the landlord, who took no account of The constant pain Ahmad suffers or of the fact that the family had nowhere else to go. As you will see from the pictures Ahmad’s only choice has been to move into one of the camps where his brother is helping him to build a tent, using wood and plastic sheeting.

I visited the family for the first time yesterday. My tears came without warning when I saw the extent of the injuries to Ahmad’s legs, foot and back.   He was so embarrassed to talk or ask for any help, unlike many others who find themselves in similar situations. He is so proud, but his eyes told me so many things he couldn’t say.