Hello Everyone, hope you are doing well. Today I have got wonderful news from Arsal, Lebanon. Two weeks ago and with amazing  support from Refugee Relief Ynys Mon, we started our   potato project, through which we will be able to feed about 300 vulnerable   refugee families over here. Unfortunately, day by day conditions in Lebanon are becoming worse than before, as the country is still going through a huge economic crisis. 80% of Lebanon’s population are now living below the poverty line. Over 800% of household expenses have increased due to the crisis, which has caused severe inflation. There are many families who do not know where their next meal is coming from. Even the most basic items have become out of reach.The economy has caused many people to lose their jobs and receive no income at all. Since inflation has risen, those who previously had a comfortable lifestyle are now unable to keep up with the basic cost of living. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening. A serious lack of electricity, fuel, communication and medicines further complicates the situation. Across the country power shortages and blackouts have devastated the education and healthcare sectors.

Could you please support us to keep going by providing funds for us to help the most needy people? No amount will be considered too small. You can use the link pay.rrym.uk if you wish to donate. Please also share the post as much as you can. Thank you so much as always! Nour

It is for this reason that we would ask you to consider either making a donation to RRYM as a one-off payment, or better still for those of you who feel able to do so to consider setting up a standing order for a fixed amount each month. No amount would be considered too small. For one-off donations via Paypal please click the DONATE button on this page. For anyone wishing to set up a standing order our account number for Refugee Relief Ynys Mon is: 71053743

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post and a very special thanks to anyone who can increase our financial capacity to continue helping those in need.