The people we support

This document covers the period from 6 March 2019 to 5 March 2020.

Occasionally we are able to supply aid directly to displaced people, either in the UK or in refugee camps, who have been referred to us by a trusted volunteer or group.

However as we are such a small charity with few volunteers most of the aid we collect is shipped to one of the following organisations, who we trust to distribute the aid on our behalf. We receive frequent reports and photographs of these distributions, which we show on our Facebook page and Website as evidence to our donors that the aid has reached its intended recipients.

Hope Project

The Hope project is founded on the principles of dignity, compassion and safety for all. We aim to provide aid and support for people in need, our primary focus is on people fleeing conflict or facing injustice, poverty or persecution. Our focus is not only to provide support and aid but also to focus on empowerment of people, including refugees, by creating and supporting proactive projects, working with refugees and the disadvantaged enabling them to hopefully become empowered to help themselves and others.

We have been helping refugees arriving in Lesvos since early 2015.

The Hope Project is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, charity number 1099682.

RRYM has supplied second-hand clothes, adult and children’s underwear, bras, towels, and shoes, blankets, toiletries and sanitary products, according to their requirements.
We also supplied baby items and non-prescription medication for use at the nearby clinic.

These were sent by courier in 26 30kg boxes.

Care UK

Care UK Charity collects and distributes practical items and medical aid to people in need. End of line, unwanted or excess stock items are sorted, packed and loaded onto 40 ft containers at our Northwich Depot, leaving for the refugees in Syria, Greece, or the Greek Islands.


Tel: 07730 659 002 Email:

This year RRYM contributed to several 40ft containers of aid organised by Care UK. Trustees John and Helen drove the following vans in order to transport sorted sacks of clothes, shoes and larger items from Anglesey to their depot in Cheshire. They also took household items for them to pass on to local families in need. We contribute financially to the cost of the containers when our circumstances allow:

  1. 30 May 2019, for the Hope Project, Lesvos container:

3 baby buggies, 3 Moses baskets, 3 sacks of summer shoes, 2 boxes of toiletries,
30 sacks of second-hand clothes.

  • 25 July 2019, for the Dignity centre, Cyprus container:
    20 tents and camping mats, 30 sacks of second-hand clothes and footwear, 2 single beds and mattresses, 2 bedside cabinets, nappies, a bike and ride-on toy, 4 Moses baskets, 5 buggies, boxes of food and toiletries, a travel cot, several rolls of carpet and curtains, toys for local family in need.
  • 10 & 12 September 2019, for the Hope Project, Lesvos container:
    5 boxes of Art & Craft, 3 sacks and 2 suitcases of Blankets & Duvets, 29 sacks of Clothes, 4 Disability Equipment, 1 box of Flannels, 2 boxes of Food, 3 sacks, 11 boxes and 10 pairs of Footwear, 2 boxes of Headwear, 2 sacks and 2 boxes of Kitchen Equipment, 6 packs of Nappies, 3 Sleeping Bags, 2 boxes of Socks, 1 box of Towels, 2 boxes of Underwear,

3 sacks adult shoes, 2 sacks of children’s shoes, 1 sack of adult jeans and trousers, 2 sacks of blankets, 3 sacks of children’s coats, 4 sacks of adult coats, 2 sacks of children’s winter clothes, 1 sack of adult fleeces, 2 boxes of food, 2 Moses baskets, 1 carry-cot, 2 camping mats, 1 suitcase,
3 holdalls, 1 baby bath, 2 buggies and 2 large tents.

  • 26 September 2019, for the Turkey container:

1 bag Baby Clothes, 3 Bicycles,

1 sack Blankets, 2 Chairs Folding,

3 boxes Clothes, 4 sacks Coats,

5 Curtain Poles, 1 box Cutlery,

4 Duvets, 2 Chest of Drawers,

1 bag Hats & Gloves, 1 box Kitchen Items,

1 box Maternity, 1 small Mattress,

2 Baby Changing Mats, 1 Rucksack,

2 Sewing Machines, 2 box Shoes,

4 Suitcases, 2 tents,

  1. box Towels, 1 Z bed.
  2. 6 October 2019, Container to turkey medical centre, Syria Relief charity:
    3 sacks Footwear, 2 sacks Men’s Winter Clothing, 4 sacks Coats, 1 sack Ladies Trousers, 3 sacks Children Clothes, 3 sacks Teen Clothes, 1 sack Ladies Fleeces, 3 bags Socks, Hats and Gloves, 1 bag Blankets, 1 box Toiletries, 2 boxes Winter Shoes, 2 boxes Children Clothes, 3 Moses Baskets & Stands, 1 Buggy, 1 Tent, 2 Doctors Examination Tables.
  3. 5 November 2019, Container to Lesvos:
    5 Sleeping Bags, 2 Tents,

2 sacks Blankets, 1 box Baby Clothes,

2 Rucksacks, 1 Slow Cooker,

1 box Crockery, 5 Duvets,

2 Blow Up Beds, 2 sacks Blankets,

3 sacks Children’s Coats, 2 sacks Baby Clothes,

2 sacks Ladies Trousers & Skirts, 3 sacks Children Clothes,

1 sack Men’s Coats, 1 sack Ladies Coats,

2 boxes Food, 1 sack Men’s Winter Clothing,

2 sacks Wellingtons, 3 sacks Hats and Gloves,

3 sacks Footwear, 1 sack Hoodies,

1 sack Jumpers, 1 box Art and Crafts.

  • 12 December 2019, Container to Lesvos:
    1 sack Maternity Wear, 3 sacks Kids Clothes,
    1 sack Ladies Trousers & Skirts, 2 sacks Men’s Winter Clothing,
    1 sack Baby Clothes, 1 sack Teen Clothes,
    2 sacks Adult Fleeces, 1 sack Toys,
    2 sacks Jumpers, 2 sacks Hats and Gloves,
    1 sack Kids Coats, 1 box Ladies Winter Shoes,
    3 boxes Footwear, 1 box Ladies Vests, Tights, Socks,
    2 boxes Blankets & Towels, 2 Cycles,
    3 Prams, 2 Baby Baths.
  • 14 January 2020, Container to Athens:
    1 sack Men’s Coats, 1 sack Ladies Coats,
    3 sacks Kids Clothing, 2 sacks Kids Coats,
    1 sack Maternity, 3 sacks Men’s Clothing,
    2 sacks Ladies Clothing, 2 sacks Blankets,
    3 boxes Footwear, 1 box Toiletries,
    1 rucksack of Towels, 2 Camping mats,
    1 Wheelchair, 2 Moses Baskets.

Cribs International

CRIBS International is a UK registered charity. Our charity number is 1173021.

We provide homes in Greece for pregnant refugee women and families with new babies. These families have come from camps and squats where living conditions are squalid and desperate. They have fled from war zones, ISIS and the Taliban. CRIBS rents, furnishes and pays the bills for apartments so that women and their families are able to have a place to call their own and a quiet space to recover, close to medical facilities.

RRYM has supplied nappies, baby clothes and blankets, kitchen items, towels, curtains and bedding for the apartments in Athens.

These were sent by courier in 31 30kg boxes.

With Love – baby blankets for refugees

Laura Claire Buckingham, from Hailsham in Sussex, established her project With Love Baby Blankets in 2014. Her focus is on helping mums and babies, women and children who are suffering across the world. She started by producing special handmade baby blankets for distribution to pregnant women and nursing mothers living in camps and squats. Two years later she expanded to provide other vital aid such as mother and baby maternity packs, goody bags for children, educational material and empowering tools.

RRYM has had the pleasure of working alongside her on various projects. We have provided small toys and colouring materials for her goody bags, and various items such as toiletries, sanitary products and baby clothes for her maternity packs. These were sent by courier in 5 20kg boxes within the UK.

Hilfe ohne Grenzen für Menschen in Not

Founded in December 2018


Hilfe ohne Grenzen für Menschen in Not leistet non-profit und ehrenamtlich humanitäre Soforthilfe

Charitable organisation

LOCATION Graz, Austria

They also work/cooperate with other groups from Austria that are helping in Bosnia.

They are in need of clothes for guys especially, as this is the biggest group there.

RRYM has supplied second-hand clothes and footwear for distribution in Bosnia. These were sent by courier to Austria in a 30kg box. From there they were taken by road to Bosnia.

Mella Hubner, The Forgotten People of Romania

Mella and her husband Valentin moved from Germany to Romania two years ago. Since then they have been providing relief by way of clothes, footwear, food and medical items to local families and individuals who struggle to survive well under the poverty line. They provide help to at least 12 villages situated in Romania . They also provide much needed items to local schools and residential homes for the elderly.

RRYM has supplied them with second-hand clothes and footwear, writing materials and toys for the local school and kindergarten, winter clothes and nightwear for distribution to the residential home for the elderly, and maternity packs for mums to be in preparation for the birth of their babies.

This aid was shipped out by Currier in 5 30 kg boxes.

FAST (First Aid Support Team)

FAST is an organisation made up of health professionals from all over the world working across Calais and Dunkirk.

We provide first aid, first aid kits, and assist patients to access appropriate (emergency) healthcare. We also organise first aid training for both volunteers and displaced people.

We strongly believe in the basic human right to being treated with dignity and respect and apply this basic human right in our day-to-day efforts when helping and assisting people forced from their homes by violence, persecution, and poverty.

FAST runs solely of volunteers; both coordinators working from home and volunteers in the field.
Since 2019 we have become a registered association with website

RRYM has supplied Plaster strips, Disposable bandages, Micro-pore, Dressings, and other small medical/hygiene items.

These were sent by courier in 2 15kg boxes.


Registered charity number 1169738 since October 2016.

A grassroots humanitarian movement dedicated to helping refugees and those fleeing war, focussing our limited resources in Greece, Iraq, aid to Syria and the UK.

Tel: 07730 659 002 Email:

RRYM has provided buggies, bikes and scooters, children’s clothes and shoes to be distributed to refugee families settled in and around Wrexham.

These were taken by van driven by trustees John and Helen.


MerseyAid is committed to providing support to refugees crossing Europe displaced from their homes due to conflict and/or persecution and to enabling people within Merseyside who have arrived, often with nothing, with assistance to integrate into their community.

MerseyAid is a Registered Charity 1173129, set out to help those in need without the hindrance of red tape, government policies and procedures. Our aim is to provide aid at the point of need, when it is needed.

RRYM has supplied Large men’s and women’s clothes for distribution to local homeless people. We also sent men’s winter shoes/boots and men’s winter coats for a container to the camp on Chios.

These were taken by car driven by trustee Neil.

Northern Lights Aid

A Norwegian-based NGO operating in Kavala, Greece. Its focus is to improve the quality of life of refugees currently residing in the country.

NLA works in support of over 500 people living in enforced exile in the Kavala Perigiali Camp.

The situation for refugees in Greece is characterised by lack of stability and an uncertain future. NLA works hard to offer stable and consistent support through our projects, which focus on education, integration and material needs. Located in a rented premises, a walking distance from the camp, they include: a Mother and Baby Program which provides essential hygiene items and a women-only space, a regular schedule of English Classes and the distribution of non-food items such as clothing and footwear.

RRYM has provided adult and children’s summer clothes and footwear for refugee camps in northern Greece.

These were sent by courier in 2 30kg boxes.

Firefly *hope project

Since 2016  Natalie Kling spent her time helping people in need. i try my best to support refugees and people struggling their life. And im really thankful to have  people in my life give me the power to  manage this journey. Thank you all for your support. I created this group to share my project with you. I will give you updates and show you where your donation are going to. Thanks to everyone.

Members · 239

Karen Graham, Natalie Kling is an admin.

RRYM has provided Men’s short-sleeve shirts and T-shirts in larger sizes for distribution in northern Greece. 1 20kg box was sent via Simon Bragman in Surrey.

Supporting ALL refugees, when & where it is needed most

Karen Graham is an independent volunteer from Tilos Greece. The main purpose of this group is purely to ‘be there’. We offer emotional support and practical help (if possible) for all refugees. We can’t promise to solve all of their problems but we can promise that they will not have to face those problems alone. No refugee should ever feel alone. No message will ever go unanswered.

RRYM has supplied hygiene items for the women’s centres.

These were sent by courier in 1 30kg box.


At Nea Kavala we worked alongside the people in the camp to establish a community and learning centre, with a range of educational, creative and social activities for adults and children.

Our project was accepted inside the camp of Nea Kavala, in northern Greece, in May 2016 by both UNHCR and the military there. With help from friends inside and outside the camp, we quickly built and opened the We Are Here community centre. Since then we have been providing a place for children and adults to access education and recreation, and feel a sense of routine, security and validation.

RRYM has provided adult and children’s clothes.

These were sent by courier in 1 30kg box.

All Equal Support

UK based volunteers helping refugees in Turkey, Yemen, Palestine and most other parts of the 🌎 100% donation policy with full transparency of where your money was spent

Shaz Shauket is looking to send medicines to Syria. The fragile healthcare system left after the obliteration of hospitals definitely needs help. So if you have any medicines at home (non liquid) capsules, tablets, gels, lotions, bandages, inhalers please put them aside and he’ll arrange to get them collected from you.

RRYM has supplied Plaster strips, Disposable bandages, Micro-pore, Dressings, and other small medical/hygiene items.

These were sent within the UK in 1 15kg box.

Biriyani & Bananas

Refugee Biriyani & Bananas was formed in response to the escalation of the refugee crisis in 2015 when a group of friends decided to provide 2500 portions of biriyani and bananas for all the residents of the unofficial refugee camp of Dunkirk in France.

We support vulnerable people worldwide, including but not limited to: Victims of War and Conflict, Oppression, Political persecution, Poverty, Natural disaster, Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

Our current projects focus on providing emergency aid and basic necessities for displaced people living in refugee camps, squats and other unstable settlements throughout the world.

RRYM has provided Smartphones as well as games and puzzles for teenagers.

These were sent by courier in 1 30kg box.

Hummingbird Hubs

Hummingbird Hubs is a Facebook group designed to respond to the refugee crisis and also to support people in the UK affected by poverty, homelessness and austerity.

The Hubs, will work from two locations, one in North Wales (Pam) and the other in Glossop (Jo) and will support existing organisations by fund raising, events and the sale of crafty wonderfulness, plus one off collections for specific needs.

Pamela Meade Lake to Hummingbird Hubs, helping people in need where ever they are.

23 January at 16:49

Another day, another amazing parcel. Thanks to Heulwen and everyone from Ynys Mon for your amazing generosity. Simply huge box full to the brim with HUGS. Can’t wait to deliver them to those who need them.

RRYM has supplied hats, underwear, gloves and socks.

These were sent within the UK in 2 20kg boxes.


PAFRAS works with refugees, asylum seekers and the wider community to counter the effects of enforced destitution on vulnerable migrants.

Providing immediate humanitarian relief; long-term support, advice and advocacy aimed at assisting service users to make lasting improvements to their situations;

raising awareness and campaigning locally and nationally on issues affecting our service users.

PAFRAS are a well respected refugee organisation in Leeds – established 15 / 20 years ago or so.

RRYM has provided toiletries by courier in 1 box within the UK.

Samos Hospital

It has fallen upon the understaffed Samos hospital to provide essential healthcare to the thousands of refugees living in the hotspot and the island. The lack of medical staff in the hotspot impacts not only the healthcare of refugees but also the vulnerability assessment procedure. Greece’s economic woes mean that paramedics on the picturesque island of Samos are increasingly faced with the terrible dilemma of who to save and who to leave to die.

“I just received a box from Heulwen with medicine, (paracetamol) which is much appreciated, towels which will be used for the shower project for women and children by Boabab, glasses which where also sent to Mediequal team , and other special shoes for young teenagers. I cant express how much everything was immediately needed. People on Samos are suffering a lot , I could say worse than in 2015. Please thank your donors on our behalf and continue helping as you are so generously doing.

RRYM has provided towels, nightwear, orthotic boots and back braces, spectacles, plaster strips, micropore and bandages for use in Samos hospital.

These were sent by courier in 4 30kg boxes.

Forge for Humanity

Founded in 2017 to bring the importance of supporting single men to the forefront of social development.

Contact Clare Webster:

FORGE for humanity is a non-profit providing psychosocial and occupational support, connections to dignified housing opportunities, and access to necessary direct aid to the single male refugee population in Athens, Greece and its surrounding areas.

RRYM has provided sports equipment, which was sent by courier in 1 30kg box.


SOS CHAI is our ministry to refugees. It began in the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais, where from a converted ambulance nick-named “MrT.” we served hot drinks and friendship every day to around 400 people. With the destruction of the Calais camp the van returned to Caen, and since Easter 2017 we have been serving a weekly, hot meal with coffee, tea, games and friendship to a group of around 80 Sudanese migrants. Thanks to generous donations from friends and supporters and the time given by our local volunteers, we have been able to increase this to twice-weekly since September 2018.

We welcome donations of:

Clean fashionable mens clothes in sizes small or medium, Mens shoes in sizes 39-44 – preferably either trainers or sturdy boots, Shampoo, shower gel, deodorant and other toiletries.

Please Email Gerard Kelly:

RRYM has provided toiletries, clothes and baby items.

These were sent by courier in 1 30kg box.

Khora Free Shop

KHORA is a Greek Association based in Athens, Greece. We are a collective who have come together to create community spaces and facilitate the provision of services for people forced from their homes by poverty, oppression, climate change and war. 

Khora’s Free Shop aims to provide a dignified shopping experience for refugees, asylum seekers, and others in need in Athens, from clothing to toiletries.

Since November 2016, Khora Community Center in Athens has been operating a free shop in our basement space for refugees, asylum seekers, and other people in need. In this free shop, we moved away from dehumanizing distribution lines. Instead, we aim to give people a dignified shopping experience, allowing them to find clothes that both fit them and express their identity. In addition to clothing, Khora’s free shop offers shoes, toiletries, and other non-food items. It also provides a vital space for families to get diapers, which are particularly difficult to find for free in Athens.

RRYM has provided adult and children’s clothes.

These were sent by courier in 8 30kg boxes.

Love Without Boarders

We aim to provide refugees in Greek camps, shelters, and housing communities with a source of emotional expression and economic self-empowerment while giving them a platform to spread awareness of the conditions in which they live and their varied and largely unmet needs. We provide donation-funded art supplies to the refugees–men, women, and children alike–then exhibit and sell the resulting works of art around the world with the help of communities that help to host art shows. We return one hundred percent of the earnings from the sale of refugees’ artwork to the artist who created each piece.
In October of 2016, Kayra registered Love Without Borders as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States,

RRYM has supplied Toothbrushes, toothpaste, Wet wipes, colouring books and crayons.

These were sent by courier in 1 30kg box.


Care4Calais is a volunteer run charity delivering essential aid and support to refugees living in the worst conditions across Northern France and Belgium.  We believe in a fair and tolerant British society and advocate for a welcoming and inclusive attitude towards refugees. is a UK Registered Charity #1169048

RRYM has supplied second-hand winter coats, men’s jeans, winter hats and socks.
These were sent by courier in 1 20kg box.

One Nation

One Nation is a UK-based relief and development charity which has continued to support local and international relief projects to help improve lives.

We envision a world in which access to food, clean water, education and shelter is a norm. The opportunity to live peacefully is offered to all without discrimination.

Since 2014, they have helped 5 million beneficiaries in 21 countries.

UK charity no: 1156200.

RRYM has supplied second-hand winter clothes and blankets for babies and children.
These were sent by courier in 2 30kg boxes.

Anaya Aid

Anaya Aid is a humanitarian organisation responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations all over the world regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class and religion. Anaya Aid also has partners ranging from small community support groups to national alliances along with international networks.

RRYM has supplied Cuddly toys for children.
These were sent by courier in 2 20kg boxes.


Digartref is a not for profit registered charity and has been providing support and assistance to those affected by homelessness since 1998. Providing both short and long term solutions for those experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless.

Since 1998 the charity has expanded the range of homeless prevention services it provides and now offers assistance to those aged 16 upwards with no upper age limit.

Email Margaret Johnson at

RRYM has supplied tents, sleeping bags, camping equipment and warm clothes as part of their Lighthouse Project.

These were delivered locally by our trustees.

Pobl i Bobl – Bangor (Cefnogi Ffoaduriaid/Refugee Support)

Founded as a response to the beginning of the European refugee crisis in 2015, Pobl i Bobl (Welsh for People to People) aims to help people in crisis by providing physical aid and personal support, regardless of race, religion and location.
We support the refugee resettlement project in North Wales through Croeso Menai.

RRYM has supplied household items, Clothes and Toys for resettled refugees in North Wales.

These were delivered locally by our trustees.

Where you can find us

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33 St. Seiriols Road, Llandudno, LL30 2YT


01492 873365


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