Dear Friends and Supporters. Earlier this year Heulwen and I decided to sell our home, Millbank, with a view to down-sizing. On Thursday 15 October we accepted an offer and expect to move just before or just after Christmas.

Thanks to your generous donations of clothes, shoes, bedding, ect. We now have an ample reserve for us to continue shipping five or six boxes of aid each week to where they are needed for the remainder of this year.

We’ll try our best to get as much stuff as possible to where it’s needed before winter sets in, but in light of the move it will be necessary for us to decline further offers of clothes, shoes, bedding and other bulky items until further notice.

If you have already arranged with us to deliver donations then please feel free to bring them as planned.

This will hopefully enable us to use up our surplice stock.

Following the house move there will need to be changes in the way we operate, but we’re all determined that RRYM will continue to provide relief for the victims of war or political persecution

And also support refugees resettled in the UK and local homeless families in need of help.

Thank you all again for your tremendous support and for your understanding during this transition.

Barry and Heulwen